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Solar Axiom, LLC

  • Led the feasibility analysis and creation of the company

  • Focused on the development and ownership of small commercial solar energy production facilities in the Caribbean and Central America

  • A pioneer “Build-Own-Operate” developer of small renewable energy facilities in the region

  • Research and application for becoming a Certified B Corp​

  • Achieved a pending B Corp Status and expecting full certification in May 2017

Genertek LLC Strategic Planning

  • Advised former management team on acquisition of predecessor company’s assets to restart a new company

  • Focused on new dual fuel technology and electronic fuel injection of EMD generators.

  • Advised company on obtaining working capital finance 

  • The new technology has an opportunity of revolutionizing baseload distributed generation in the oil and gas fields of the U.S. and many emerging markets.


FNX Strategic Planning

FNX Oil and Gas-Cross Rock Drilling M&A  

Oil and gas drilling company

FNX Oil and Gas LNG

Assisted company in qualifying partners for development of modular LNG plants

FNX Oil and Gas

Exploration and Production Investments in Texas

FNX Plum Energy Joint Venture

Assisted company in building a joint venture with LNG developer

FNX Oil and Gas Compressors Due Diligence

Qualified product history of acquisition target


ColSanitas-Florida Blue

Introduced Colsanitas to Florida-Blue, leading to a successful joint venture to develop medical clinics to serve Hispanics in South Florida.


Diesel 2 Gas

Developed the early management team, lead the EPA advocacy campaign, and market analysis for the creation of manufacturer of dual fuel systems for class 8 trucks in America.


Power Team

Power Team Panama: (served as sales representative for power plant to brewery in Panama)

Power Team Chile Project (assisted in the sale of several power plants to Chile

Power Team/Megawatt Joint Venture and M&A (advised Power Team management in their M&A with Mega Watt LLC) leading to $60mm contract and eventual M&A)


Gaseous Fuel Systems

Gaseous Fuel Systems-Black River Asset Management M&A

Gaseous Fuel Systems

Market Development for Mexico and Dominican Republic

Gaseous Fuel Systems

LNG Distributor Concession with AES in Dominican Republic

Gaseous Fuel System

Mining Sector Project in Cumberland, Kentucky


Firm Solutions Panama

Developed offshore operation of U.S. law firm’s back room forclosure operation


Electric Machinery Panama Investments


Tampa Panama Business Council

Guatemala Industrial Senior Debt Refinance with Citi Bank ($15mm)


Biodiesel Energy Systems (BES)

Created a joint venture with La Fabril of Ecuador to produce biodiesel and become the first and largest importers of biodiesel to the U.S. importing more the 20mm gallons


EarthFirst Americas

Assisted EarthFirst in developing and qualifying markets for its proprietary pyrolysis technology


Reforestation at Latitude -0-, S.A. (RALO) Ecuador 

Assisted company in the the creation and development of the largest sustainable cedar forestation project in Latin America


Strategic Energy Technologies Ltd. (SET)

Established and operated Strategic Energy Technologies Ltd. (SET) which is a power development company specializing in on-site power generation for industry in the United States and Latin America. Through its subsidiary SET-MEX, the company operatedin Mexico qualifying a pipeline of business valued at more than $300,000,000. These qualified customers are the Mexican subsidiaries of some of the largest multinational companies in the world.


Genertek International Corporation

Served as their surrogate Director of Strategic Planning

  • Strategic planning for capital formation to support the company's growth

  • Project finance consulting through the implementation of a leasing program to support domestic sales and EXIM bank financing to support international sales 

  • Consulted the company on the formation of strategies for new market development

  • Served as a marketing agent for Genertek creating and managing a network of in-country marketing representation agents throughout Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean


Ramond James AAA Rated Mortgage Bond Issue for Costa Rica

Assisted in the creation of the structure for what became the first AAA rated bond issue for Central America raising over $67mm for mortage back securities in Costa Rica. The project created the first low interest rate long-term mortgage product in Costa Rica and most of Latin America.


Overseas Private Investment Corporation OPIC

In 2000 Mr. Muller was on contract assignment to the Overseas Private Investment Corporation OPIC in Washington D.C. as the Investment Development Manager for Central America and the Caribbean. In this capacity Mr. Muller was responsible for all business development in the region and was project leader for the company's Central America and Caribbean Initiative CACI. Under Mr. Muller's leadership this initiative expended a $1,000,000 roll out marketing campaign which produced international business conferences in six major U.S. cities, a Regional Investment Development Forum in Panama City, Panama , a Ministerial Forum in Jamaica , an Ambassadorial Conference in Washington D.C. and built a CACI web page on the OPIC web-site. Mr. Muller was responsible for interfacing the initiative with the White House, U.S. DOC, AID, DOE, TDA, and DOT as well as with several U.S. Embassies and the State Department. The initiative is credited in reaching over six thousand relevant US-based international businesses, dealing with 34 countries, as well as OPIC's small business and housing initiatives. Through CACI, OPIC created a $200,000,000 credit facility with Citibank, which approved more than $76,000,000 in project loans in the region. OPIC has assisted in more than 40 projects in the region with over $1 billion in financing and insurance commitments.


Power Development Services (PDS)

Under Mr. Muller's direction MGI directed the creation of an international power development company, Power Development Services (PDS). This company created in 1997 has successfully developed two power development projects, COPESA in Panama and Boca Chica in the Dominican Republic . In addition to those two projects, Mr. Muller, on behalf of PDS established marketing plans, joint ventures and pursued power generation projects in Jamaica, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bahamas, Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, while PDS continued to expand its market development in Panama and the Dominican Republic.

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