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Our Expertise

Our firm performs its services by either direct consulting of its own staff or through teaming arrangements with affiliates that are some of the most renowned experts in each specialized discipline.

MGI serves as a surrogate International Business Development Division for mid-size firms that have not yet justified the overhead expense and management infrastructure of forming such a division of their own. We have successfully developed business on behalf of our clients in the fields of equipment sales, importing, electric power sales, energy infrastructure, banking services, investment banking services, gaming services, agent and distributor formation and many more. Our priority emphasis however has been in developing business in the area energy development and cross border project finance. MGI uses its formidable expertise and experience in the Latin American markets leveraging a deep pool of established relations throughout the Americas and Europe for the benefit of our clients.

MGI has led many development teams in establishing business operations for new-to-market companies who have encountered the challenge of developing a project in a foreign country. As team leader of such projects, MGI enhances our client's infrastructure in foreign markets so that they can be awarded contracts and perform profitably with minimal impact of foreign market learning curves. We are highly respected for our expertise in joint-venture formation. This is a common strategy that MGI uses to enhance the capabilities of our clients to mitigate country risk in difficult markets . Our  in-house legal and financial expertise allows for seamless interaction with client's management, principals, investors, financiers and attorneys throughout the due diligence and risk mitigation phases of project development.

MGI has structured joint ventures responsible for over $100,000,000 in International joint venture transactions. We perform these services with a strategy that leverages the virtues of mid-size companies into blended capabilities that can compete with large multi-national firms. MGI's experienced technique and skill in this area matches and fortifies the complimentary capabilities while minimizing conflict of interest between the parties so that strong lasting bonds can survive the rigors of International business ventures. Some of the most valuable matches are those of U.S. mid-size firms with host-country firms. These matches bring the expertise, technology transfer and products of U.S. firms together with the market expertise of the host-country firms.

International Business Development
International Project Development
International Business Matchmaking

MGI's financial planning consultants can prepare or validate the financial projections and modeling of our clients. This provides the client with an ability to forecast its projections into the future while validating the cross border and International impact of the forecasted assumptions. The consultants on MGI's staff combine MBA degrees with Engineering undergraduate degrees and the hands-on experience of having worked and lived in Latin America. This unique combination of skill and experience gives our clients an unequaled advantage for success.

MGI provides consulting services that enhance the probability of projects to close by providing pragmatic funding strategies and capabilities. We bring financial expertise to our clients from private sector companies, private sector banks, U.S. Department of Commerce, Overseas Private Investment Corporation, Multi-Lateral Organizations and international financial markets. MGI has a unique understanding of competing interests inherent between project company principals, project developers, venture capitalist, and lenders. Our consulting services apply that understanding together with our other International business skills to form funding strategies that result in closings. MGI's financial consulting advice over the past five years has resulted in over $86,000,000 in funding for MGI clients another $500,000,000 in financing closings by in-house consultants on behalf of other entities. Over the past 15 years our consultants and affiliated partners have closed over 350 transactions with several billion dollars in funding.

MGI's consultants include attorneys with many years of International legal experience. MGI uses this expertise to assist our clients in transaction design, project structure, financial structure, off-shore entity creation, risk mitigation, due diligence, local attorney selection, litigation support, asset management, and project compliance. More specialized legal advice and representation is available from a variety of reputable international law firms and attorneys that have an established affiliated relationship with MGI for a seamless and more economical service to MGI clients.


International Legal Transactions
International Project Financing
Financial Planning and Forecasting
B Corp

Inspired by the movement of companies operating for a higher purpose and creating a company as a B Corp, MGI has extended an advisory role to companies seeking to make a positive social impact in their communities and the world, while also sustaining themselves through profit. MGI also works with Conscious Capitalism Florida to educate and engage local businesses about benefit companies.

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