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Our Team

Elio Muller, Jr.




 In 1997 Mr. Muller formed Muller Group International (MGI), an international business consulting firm focusing on business development, project development, joint ventures, project financing and legal consulting in Latin America, and Spain. Under Mr. Muller’s direction, MGI has led the creation of several power development companies and projects throughout Latin America and the United States, including Panama and Boca Chica in the Dominican Republic. MGI has established marketing plans, joint ventures and power generation projects in Jamaica, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bahamas, Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. In addition to its power development consulting business, MGI has served clients in the areas of Cross-border International Finance and more recently in alternative energy. In 2006, MGI formed a biodiesel distribution company, which was the first to import biodiesel into the United States, distributing more than 20 million gallons of biodiesel made from palm oil in Ecuador. Mr. Muller served on assignment to the Overseas Private Investment Corporation OPIC in Washington D.C. as the Investment Development Manager for Central America and the Caribbean. Mr. Muller was responsible for all business development in the region.


Co-founder of Solar Axiom, LLC 2016- Present

Mr. Muller has lead the feasibility analysis and creation of Solar Axiom LLC (SAX), a solar and renewable energy development company. SAX is focused on the development and ownership of small commercial solar energy production facilities in the Caribbean and Central America. SAX is a pioneer “Build-Own-Operate” developer of small renewable energy facilities in the region. SAX is created and operated as a Benefit Company and is the process of becoming a certified B Corp.

President at Diesel 2 Gas Inc. 2009 - Present

Developed the early management team, lead the EPA advocacy campaign, and market analysis for the creation of manufacturer of dual fuel systems for class 8 trucks in America.


Gaseous Fuel Systems Corp. 2007-2011

Mr. Muller imbedded as its Director of Strategic Projects, leading GFS through its acquisition by Black River Asset Management.  Mr. Muller led GFS in opening new markets in Dominican Republic and Mexico. MGI assisted GFS in pioneering its revolutionary dual fuel systems for mining applications creating a pilot project for off-road mining trucks.


Senior Executive Service at US Department of Commerce 1994 - 1997 

Mr. Muller served in the Senior Executive Service of the first term of the Clinton-Gore administration. In 1994 he was appointed by President Clinton and served under the late Secretary of Commerce Ronald H. Brown.


Attorney and Partner at Fernandez, Muller & Sanderson 1985 - 1994

Mr. Muller has been a member of the Florida Bar since 1983.



South Texas College of Law Doctor of Law (JD), 

University of South Florida

Board of Directors

Sanitas USA, Inc.

Angelique Mathena


Vice President

 As Vice President of Muller Group International, Mrs. Mathena serves in the role of Director of Corporate Affairs for MGI, as well for several MGI’s surrogate clients such as Solar Axiom LLC (SAX) and Diesel 2 Gas (D2G). She interacts with the executive teams and retains consultants in a variety of management disciplines. She also performs several leadership roles in dealing with investors of the clients and their projects. She interacts with attorneys and regulatory entities on behalf of MGI and its surrogate clients. She leads in the preparation of feasibility and investigative studies for MGI and its surrogate clients. In addition to current MGI assignments, she has provided senior consulting services to MGI surrogate clients, Firm Solutions Panama, Tampa Panama Business Council, Gaseous Fuel Systems, Basque American, and Reforestation at Latitude Zero among others.

Solar Axiom, LLC 2016- Present

Mrs. Mathena has been part of the leadership team in performing feasibility, founding and launching of a new solar and renewable energy development and company operation in the Caribbean Basin region. She has taken the lead role in the preparation of various applications for public funding of feasibility studies intended to open Caribbean markets to private sector investment in solar energy.

SAX is created as a Benefits Company. In this role, Mrs. Mathena has been instrumental in creating MGI’s expertise in the emerging B-Corp trend. She has been instrumental in the early alignment of SAX’s B-Corp principles with investors, management, stakeholders and related value chain partners. Inspired by the movement of companies operating for a higher purpose, Mrs. Mathena has an extended advisory role to companies seeking to make a positive social impact in their communities and the world, while also sustaining themselves through profit.

Director of Business Development at Diesel 2 Gas Inc 2010- Present

 Mrs. Mathena develops new customers by qualifying heavy-duty vehicle fleets that will benefit from the D2G conversion system. She assists in planning its sales strategies for the new markets emerging from the certification of the D2G system for U.S. on-road use. 


Commercial Account Manager at Just Energy in Houston, Texas 2009

She worked with high volume consumption energy customers.  Preparing extensive cost analysis and working with company’s individual needs, Mrs. Mathena would provide long term price protection programs to eligible customers.  Within Just Energy’s electricity programs, she was also able to provide 100% green energy options.


Bachelor of Arts in English with a technical writing specialization from the University of South Florida.

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